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About Us

Today’s world is full of compelling fashion options and almost everyone can find their favorite item among its diversity. No matter the price, the style, the material, the culture, we can find what we are looking for, thanks to the digital wonders we have access to. But even in that ocean of fashion we often find ourselves wearing the same items as everyone sometimes. We are “Unique Clothing Designs” and we want to give your style a touch of uniqueness, with our creative patterns and colors. 

 “Unique Clothing Designs” has everyone’s favorites as the inspiration of our creative process. Yes, our designs are mostly awesome cool graphics of “dogs”, “cats” and “coffee” and we create options for everyone. Our clothes come in various sizes that will fit men, women and kids, and raise their level of coolness to the highest.

Our fashion is for the cool ones, the actives, the outgoing, the charmers. We are an online store selling print-on-demand clothing with a wide range of options like t-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies, jackets, sportwear and more. Just check us out and find that cool unique item you’ve been looking for.